St Jude's Church of England Primary School


Our Christian Vision


All children are created in the image of God and born with the potential to change the world. All too often however, children fail to overcome the multitude of barriers facing them in this fast-paced society. Our vision is that St. Jude's will be truly learning-centered school with a Christ-like ethos which strives to nurture the creative talents of all its learners. We are determined to break down the barriers that hold children back from realising their God-given purpose. 

Put simply, our vision is ‘To Break Barriers' 

Our Christian Values

At St. Jude's we have a strong commitment to our Christian Values

Through Love we demonstrate:

Respect, Peace, Friendship, Thankfulness, Trust & Courage 

We work closely with the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education who provide support and an advisory service to the Head teacher and staff. Our close links and visits to St. George the Martyr in Borough form part of the school calendar and regular visits from Father Rob Slater-Carr to lead Worship, ensure our Christian Ethos is central to school life. 

All staff encourage and welcome the involvement of parents in the Religious Education of their children and the prayer life of the school. Parents are always invited to join us for our celebrations in church. 




















British Values

St. Jude's Church of England Primary School serves a diverse, open and accepting community. 

Here at St. Jude's, everyone is committed to the values espoused within the Gospels. As modern British values have evolved from a time when we were historically Christian, our Gospel values and British values are fundamentally the same. 

Through the teaching of our curriculum, we believe in and promote core British values including democracy, respect, tolerance, acceptance, peace, being non-judgmental, humility, justice, the rule of the law, the dignity of each human being and individual liberty, forgiveness, generosity, fairness, discipline and hope.

St. Jude's promotes 'Prevent' to all stakeholders.  Prevent forms part of our culture of safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all of our children.  For more information on the Prevent Duty please click on the link below