St Jude's CoE Primary

Mr David James - Year 5/6 Recovery Curriculum

What is your educational background?

I went to the University of North London and gained an degree in education; B.Ed (Hons). My specialism was HPER (Health Physical Education and Recreation). 

Why inspired you to work at St Jude's and what do you bring?

I joined St. Jude’s because I wanted to be a part of an amazing learning community. When I first visited the school  I left feeling excited and energised.  I really liked the approach to empowering and equipping learners with the skills, knowledge and experiences they will need for the future. I bring with me, more than 20 years teaching experience in inner London schools. I have a Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA)

What are your interests?

I enjoy spending time in Nature, going to the theatre, listening to music and cooking. I've spent time learning the art of TuiNa, a form of Chinese massage.