St Jude's CoE Primary

Office and Premises Staff

Miss Lauren Scoot - admin 

I joined the St Jude's team in September 2016 and I am now the administration officer; I may well be the person you'll hear when you call the school. I love St Jude's because of its friendly atmosphere and amazing kids. As a former pupil, (cough 1980s)  I can't believe how much teaching as progressed here, even if the building and chairs are still the same! Sometimes I wish I was in the classroom now, taking part in the exciting lessons, instead of sorting through invoices.

Miss Lashana Brookes - attendance

My passion is PE, but I also love attendance. I'll be the one calling you if your child is late or ill. I'm friendly and approachable, except when I'm playing Champ. When I'm playing Champ, I'm in the zone! 

Señor Fernando Herrera Ruiz - maintenance

Hola! I'm the premises manager and you'll rarely find me without a hammer or screwdriver in my pockets. It's my job to keep the school looking in tip top shape so that it's inviting and safe for the children. I usually have a smile on my face, not least because I've just become a dad (sometimes the smile hides that I'm tired!) Si necesitas ayuda con algo, soy tu hombre.

Miss Irene Reagan - premises

I've been working at St Jude's for many years, too many to remember! It's my job to help make sure everything is spic and span and ready for the children to learn, so I'm often to be found with a mop in one hand, a cloth in the other and bottle of polish balanced on my head.