St Jude's Church of England Primary School

Pupil Voice

At St Jude's we believe in consulting pupils on matters that affect them and involving them in school decision-making; this is known as Pupil Voice. Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) states:

Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.

 We believe that giving pupils a voice:
• Encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society
• Contributes to achievement and attainment

There are a number of ways we ascertain the views of our pupils. These include questionnaires, Year 6 exit polls and through a range of pupil groups.

We also believe that by helping our children develop their oracy skills we will be preparing them for a life, not just beyond primary school, but into adult life. Our ability to communicate effectively is one of the best measures of how successful we can be in our adult lives. Some of our older children worked with Eastside to articulate the impact of the Covid era.